Roswell Buyer – $400k Home

I was first connected to Alana via a web inquiry. She not only responded first, but she actually answered the questions I posed, completely and comprehensively. This was a good sign. Ability to communicate and answer questions was a key factor in choosing to work with her. Other agents who responded fell short on both timeliness and content.

While she showed me the initial house in question, she also understood I was early in the process. She facilitated a dialog and was adept at assessing what I wanted in a house and my areas of interest. She provided solid market information and some ideas to consider as we refined my search criteria.

Using a combination of automated tools and direct contact we assess dozens of houses throughout North/Northeast Atlanta. I must have looked at every house for sale in Atlanta. She worked as hard as I did, likely harder. Alana consistently responded with relevant information on every home I asked about. Showings were timely and she always provided an honest assessment, good and bad, about every property.

She was outstanding when it came time to make offers. She is a savvy negotiator and had a solid understanding of the process, more importantly a solid handle on the risks and pitfalls as well. In addition, she has experience working with VA loans. As a veteran, I was happy to have an agent experienced with the VA. Fortunately, my VA loan was smooth. That’s not always the case.

Don’t let Alana’s relative youth fool you. She is smart, motivated, and professional every step of the way. I’m an IT Executive accustomed to working in fast-moving complex environments with very smart people. I know when someone has the chops for a tough job and when they don’t. Alana definitely has the chops for this job.

— Tony T. , Buyer